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This kind of oversharing can make kids vulnerable to "sextortion" because users can record the live streams.

If a kid reveals too much, others can use the recordings against them. BIGO lets users make video blogs or live stream their activities with the object of monetizing their videos and possibly becoming the next You Tube sensation.

Making New Friends The new "friending" apps enable kids to easily connect and chat with people they don't know.

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New apps in this category include safety precautions, but you should still keep an ear out for potential issues. This app and website lets people ask questions of friends or all users.

And though the terms of use clearly define what objectionable content is not allowed, it also states that the developers have no obligation to respond to reports about violators. The emphasis on getting followers and fame is even embedded in the title, which may propel people into doing more outrageous acts. A very popular gathering place for kids, this app has its own celebrities and culture.

Not only can you comment and like someone's video, but you also can buy them gold bars or other gifts, which generates money for the broadcaster.

Posts are tagged with your location (unless you turn it off), so all the kids at one school can be on the app.

The combination of anonymity and proximity led to the downfall of similar apps such as Yik Yak. An Arabic word that translates roughly to "honesty," Sarahah lets you send anonymous comments to friends.

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