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But I think the world is also expressing a view to China and Russia that we do have an expectation that you will do everything you possibly can to help North Korea understand the reality of the future as well and bring them to the negotiating table. How would you respond to critics who say that you are appeasing the Russians and despite their past attacks and ongoing attacks on Western democracy and you are seeking cooperation instead of deterring it?

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, it’s a combination of both.

And I think also it sends a strong message to two parties that we think can have some influence on how the North Koreans come to grips with the reality of what they’re facing, that being China and Russia.

So I think their – again, their support for the Security Council resolution itself I think also sends a message. Secretary, you’ve been very supportive of the talks with Russia saying two nuclear-powered superpowers must work together.

We’ll also be calling for adoption of a maritime cooperation pillar within the East Asia Ministerial Meeting, and this is really to better coordinate maritime activities in this region both from the standpoint of security, but again, border patrols in areas of illegal fishing and ensuring that we’re coordinated in terms of ensuring that fishing regulations and norms are being followed, and then an environmental effort around the significant amount of plastic debris, obviously.In terms of these most recent round of sanctions, I think your point is well taken that when do these actually have a practical bite on their revenues.I think perhaps the most – the more important element of that is just the message that this sends to North Korea of how unacceptable the entire international community finds what they’re doing to be.Canon is pleased to offer our e-mail support to customers in Philippines.We will endeavor to answer your query as soon as we receive them.

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