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Although I have had some "nibbles" on POF I feel like there must be something I could improve on, either in my photo's or profile. Yes, as the ladies said, move the current pic2 to be your main. That was a line I used more than once when I first got on Po F.My gut is telling me I may come across as a little to "deep" in my wording. Any advice will not be taken to heart, but definitely be used to try to create a more successful profile. I admit it was your smile that caught my attention, however it was definitely your words that brought me to write you a message. But also LOSE, yes, LOSE NOW, the current main pic. (And, no, I haven't read any of David D'Angelo's PUA books! Concise, a thing or two NOT in your profile about you yet make most of it about her!Take advice and insights, but in the end you have to be happy with it because it's your profile. Notes allow you to quickly jot down any valuable information you'd like to review later.

Per other review, pic from 2010, smiling, is a winner. As for things to get rid of..last 3 sentences can go.

There's no need to be negative about "half the guys on here", try and be positive about the only guy that matters for your profile - you.

You want to know that the guy is faithful, going to treat you like a lady, can hold up his end of financial responsibilities, takes care of himself mentally and physically, can make you laugh from time to time, once the initial sparks level out that you still have things to talk about and do together. Don't tell them what they want, tell them who you are.

Seen planting a kiss on his 38-year-old girlfriend Lucila Sola off the Gulf Of Mexico, the Godfather actor seemed to be enjoying one of the best birthdays yet.

Latina lovely Lucila, 39 years his junior, was the picture of youth beside him in a white bikini that featured a cheeky thong cut from behind.

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