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Elliott ( - 12.2000), youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs J. Among the wounded men brought to Lieutenant Clow in the sick bay was an engine-room artificer badly burned about one arm.The lieutenant gave him an injection of morphia, and, as the ship was by then sinking, helped him to the upper deck.S., situated on the north bank of the Charles River, partly opposite Boston.Originally settled as New Towne in 1630 by the Massachusetts Bay Company, it was organized as a town in 1636 when it became the site of Harvard College (now an undergraduate school of Harvard University).Son (with two sisters and one brother) of Nigel Keppel Charteris (1878-1967), and Katharine Margaret Buchanan-Riddell (1875-1961). He continued to serve on submarines and was the Commanding Officer of both HMCS Unicorn in Saskatoon (1971-1974) and HMCS Queen in Regina (1975-1976), finally retiring in 1976 as a Commander. Married (, Northumberland Central district) Florence Patricia Trevelyan, youngest daughter of Sir Charles and Lady Trevelyan, of Wallington, Cambo, Northumberland; one son, one daughter. [The car in which Child and Dutch naval officers travelled on a return trip from Hook of Holland to The Hague was ambushed by German parachutists, during which he was severely wounded, finally resulting in losing a leg. Married (1947, London) Margaret Isabel Young (died 1992), daughter of Sir Cyril Roe muston Young; two sons, one daughter.Married 1st (, Sudbury district, Suffolk) Euphemia Mary Inglis ( - ); one daughter. * indexed, but not listed as such Only son of Frederick G. He was hospitalized at The Hague, initially 'hidden' as a Dutchman, but discovered by the Germans by late August 1940. 1940 transferred to a Gestapo prison, he was eventually considered to have diplomatic immunity, being released via Spain in May 1941 (? Edward Mc Dougall Stopford Claremont (1847-1935), and Dorothy Griffiths. After leaving the RNVR, he taught for a short time at HMS St. Chairman, since 1992, and Director, since 1991, Mirror Group plc (formerly Mirror Group Newspapers plc); Chairman, Rauscher Pierce & Clark, since 1992.By January 1945 Freddie is posted as to shore duties with HMS TANA at RNAS KATUKURUNDA in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) where he acts as Sports Officer, while requesting early release to get back to his family and employment in the UK.He then is reported as at HMS VALLURU, Madras, India. Ibis had been left sinking after an air attack off North Africa.

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).] Son of Robert Stanley Chipchase (1886-1971), and Margaretta Jane Reed (1894-1984). Son (with two sisters and two brothers) of George Clapperton (1875-1964), and Jane Hannah Baldwin (1883-1974). ).1942, Bolton district, Lancashire) Evelyn Margaret J. Vincent, before taking up a post at Whitgift Middle School (now Trinity School of John Whitgift) in Croydon, where he remained until he retired in 1977. Son (with four brothers and five sisters) of Harry Elias Clark (1866-1947), and Emily Jane Watts (1867-1947).

Married (, Stonehouse, Stroud, Gloucestershire) Josephine S. While there, he was first in charge of the Naval Section in the school’s Combined Cadet Force, until taking over as head of the entire CCF at the school. Married (, Christchurch Cathedral, Montral, Canada) Eva Jane Dickson ( - ), daughter (with three sisters and three brothers) of William Edward Dickson (1855-1922), and Emma Jane Kellogg (1858-1945), of Montral, Qubec, Canada; four daughters, two sons.

The injured man had no lifebelt, but Lieutenant Clow put his own on him, helped the man Into the sea, and made sure that he was free of the ship before himself abandoning her.

In doing this Lieutenant Clow became entangled in the rigging and was pulled down some way before he could fight his way clear.

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