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His movies are like his characters -- heavily tattooed, sinewy and prone to violence.There’s a gold grill glittering in their mouths, heavy bling dangling from their necks, guns bulging from under their baggy jeans. David Ayer makes movies about men in the way that Guy Ritchie makes movies about men.On the run, they’re chased by corrupt cops, the FBI’s Magic Division, and a villainous elf named Leilah -- a minion of the Dark Lord -- who requires the wand to stage his return to Earth after being defeated in a legendary war 2000 years ago.I know, it can get a bit overwhelming, but there you have it, the biggest – and really, the only glaring problem – of Bright.

The company expanded internationally, with streaming made available to Canada in 2010 Netflix entered the content-production industry in 2013, debuting its first series, House of Cards.

He takes these characters – off the streets and out of the crummy homes where they live in isolation – and emotionally incarcerates them with each other.

He makes them ride shotgun in cars, cramps them in tanks and submarines, and buckles them into helicopters.

A murder has been committed, and there are forces at play that neither Ward nor Jakoby are skilled enough to handle.

To make matters worse, they’re compelled to help a runaway elf, and suddenly, they find themselves in possession of a magic wand – a rare ‘weapon’, and hence coveted even in this fantastical world.

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