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Homicide detectives said that Bostic and Slade, who were dating, wanted money to celebrate Bostic's upcoming birthday. Copyright 2017 by WPLG Local10- All rights reserved.

Being friend zoned is never easy on any guy, but it is an opportunity to learn a lot of things.

Deputies said Bostic shot Finley, and Finley's truck rolled away and struck a pole.Now I have to get used to hearing her grumble if I buy her something she doesn’t like.Let me give you one example, some nights I come home from work so fagged out that she could walk about the house stark naked, and I would be too exhausted to give a shit.It got worse, I began to disdain Kate herself, I felt she was a naive young girl, who had a poor taste in guys.I started to regard her as a retard, who doesn’t know what is good for her (or she would have fallen for me instead of the dick she fell for), I started to believe that it was my responsibility to guide her.

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